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High Floating Bunker Shot - Masterclss

bunker griffo sand short game Apr 20, 2018

Everything David does here is built around the need to 'whack' the sand with the back of the club. In doing so, the club slides under the ball without ever digging in, slowing down and losing loft. Here are some technique keys:

Set Up

  • Open the face as much as 45 degrees and re-grip it. This may look like the ball will go a long way right but when we lower the handle the loft brings the face back to aiming straight, just with more loft and an exposed bounce (sole of the club).
  • Stand further back than a chip, lower the handle and squat down into our legs.
  • Have 80% of your weight on the front knee.


  • The club is swung upward to the 'L' shape, while keeping the face open.
  • Swing down and whack the back of the club into the sand (2-3" behind the ball) and slide the face under the ball.
  • Stay low in knees and keep your body very still throughout the action. This needs to feel like a 'hands and arms swing' where the club head is swung past our head.
  • Keep the face open all the way to a full finish.

N.B Notice how David keeps his body down and the handle low through impact. These are key features in using the bounce and keeping the loft of the club.


Movement Psychology

Since the whole movement is geared around whacking the sand with the back of the club, this is where we need to direct our focus of attention. Don't let your thoughts be dominated by the need to get the ball over the lip of the bunker.

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